Start of something new. 🤗

I have been wanting to write a blog from over a year now. But my obsession of wanting to be perfect always had me procrastinate.
But as it is said, HIDING IT UNTIL ITS PERFECT IS A FOOL’S GAME – Simon Sinek

I had to find a way to let out my emotions and what better to do so than pursuing my old passions?

I am an introvert and have always embraced it by letting people know about it.
I am not necessarily shy but I need my own space and I vibe with similar kind of people.
I have been writing my daily journal from 2012 (6 years now) but never considered writing seriously.
Until I hit rock bottom…

Going through the teenage phase holding in all the emotions within my heart itself wasn’t easy. Fear of having a fulfilling career, being misunderstood by my peers (esp. since I speak a little too less), not fitting in most times, losing a lot of so-called friends, loneliness, heartbreak, reliving the past memories, trying to figure out my passions, wanting to make everyone proud, caring too much about the opinions of others and all of these overthinking had me paralyzed.

But the first step is to decide that I am not staying where I am right now.

Going through a low phase for a long time now had me visualize a lot of changes I wanted to make in my life.
I wanted to feel like I am reborn which included forgetting the past but also wanted happy memories to stay forever.

I always had a love-hate relationship with ‘Radical changes’ since they can be either life changing (for the good) or shattering, so I decided to take it up as a challenge. Some of the changes I made includes:

  • Starting to workout after a year was tiring at first but as it is said- Just show up, the rest was done for the adrenaline rush.
  • ‘Priority lists’ replaced ‘To-do lists’ , giving myself only 5 important tasks to be done during the day (credits: Brian Tracy)
  • I started listening to audio books instead of reading to save time.
  • Let go – Of all of material possessions. I am a firm (& recent) believer of minimalism. Look for my post on minimalism here.
  • Watching productivity podcasts; I am obsessed with people who have earned respect and success through hard work.
  • Learning computer languages for the love of it.
  • I am a language lover. But I can hardly speak more than 4 languages- English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati for now. I am onto learning Tamil now.
  • I cut my hair a bit short ( Well that was just for the feeling of being a new person though)
  • I have started travelling alone a lot. Embracing and getting comfortable with being alone.
  • I have shut down from social media completely. This has not been that difficult considering I was never a social person, but I do feel a bit left out from important stuff.
  • I consider myself a lifelong learner and my blogs would most probably be about learning from people I admire and respect.
  • I consider my purpose in life to inspire people to reach their full potential and help them to achieve their dreams.
  • I have also started saying yes to most opportunities which helps me grow which I would a year back say no to.

Blogging has been a dream … so I consider this as a start of another phase of my life, a beautiful journey.

If you have anything to share, please do so. I appreciate all kinds of comments and would love to take advise for my writing language, style, content , etc.
Lots of Wildhearty love ♥♥♥

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