The end of a blessed year!

Ah! I am so excited 🤗 Nope, not for the new year party, but for getting a job to die for, exactly aligning with my passion. The year’s indeed ending on a good note. So, I would love to take up this opportunity to be grateful for all the moments of 2017, which has helped me grow as a person that I am today.

So, I came across this photo on pininterest and I would like to mention some of my memorable moments.


  • First highlight was my birthday, it’s always special with my family and friends 🎂
  • Trip to Shirdi, a valentine day wedding, lonavala, Alibaug and other places with my short and sweet family ❤️ Travel is love.
  • My first vote
  • As I mentioned in my first post ( check out first blog post here) about the hair cut, it was kind of a new start in the middle of the year.


  • I have lost few of my loved ones this year, they will live in our Hearts forever.
  • This one behaviour I wanna change this new year is to be careful in social situations. I ain’t dishonest but filter my words as to not hurt people but eventually end up hurting them more. Hope to reconcile with everyone I have hurt.

Game changers

  • I did manage to maintain my weight throughout with little or no workout, just regular care, but hope to achieve few fitness goals in the coming year.
  • Actions matter more.
  • My first solo trip
  • Dream big, probably one of the biggest advice of the year.

Things you focused on

  • Love, it’s always a priority, be it family, friends or anyone I meet.
  • Productivity
  • Trying not to fit in, be original, be yourself 😎
  • This is the year I started writing on WordPress (or subtopic should be, not focused on it more 😌)
  • Books, reading, listening, summarization.

Things you forgot

  • I didn’t pay much attention to my college grades and diploma software course.
  • The only few achievements of college


From this year onwards, I will be posting about my day summary with a ‘picture of the day’ every single day and I really hope it inspires a lot of you to live in the moment. This is gonna be interesting, it will be out tomorrow, stay updated.

I am very hopeful for a grand 2018 for all of you. Hope we all take a great leap into our future goals with loads of satisfaction and passion ❤️

Here’s me wishing you all a very happy new year ahead.

I would love to hear from everyone about what I must post, and also if you have anything to share, please do so. I appreciate all kinds of comments and would love to take advise for my writing language, style, content , etc.
Lots of Wildhearty love ❤️

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13 thoughts on “The end of a blessed year!

    1. Yes, I checked out Dream Big. Indeed a lot of amazing people to connect with. Thank you so much for your kind words 😊 Glad you found relatable posts, hope you have an amazing year 🙌

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